ASPI is pleased to offer the following wetlands identification and assessment services:

Critical Areas Reconnaissance

This analysis may be useful prior to purchase or beginning the permitting process, and includes a researched report.  For a flat fee, you will receive an evaluation of your site for presence or absence of:
    Indicators of critical areas, such as wetlands and streams.
    Priority habitats and features.
    Significant trees.

Critical Areas Delineation and Mapping

Many municipalities require identification and permanent documentation of critical areas on private property.  Delineation and categorization of critical areas such as wetlands and streams must be complete before any buffers may be applied on your site. The edges of wetlands and the Ordinary High Water Mark (OHWM) of streams, rivers, and lakes define where any related buffers must begin.  Categorization of critical areas determines the width of any applicable buffer areas.  Our survey mapping accurately establishes critical areas and buffers relative to your property boundary.  The fee varies with the size and complexity of the site.

Habitat Assessment and Management Planning

Washington State is home to more than 50 animal species classified as Endangered, Threatened or Sensitive.  In addition, more than 100 animal species are considered to be candidates for listing in those classifications. Municipalities are required by State and Federal law to protect habitat for these Priority Species of fish and wildlife, and often analysis of project impacts must accompany the planning process. Evaluation of existing site conditions, such as vegetation, critical areas, and presence or absence of species of importance, may be required in the initial stages of permitting.  The fee varies with the size and complexity of the site.