Our crews have experience staking a wide variety of projects ranging from the staking of a single-family home to providing complete survey control of a freeway overpass.

The majority of our work has been in the staking of plat improvements. The variety of plat configurations and the increase of plat requirements makes the job of the surveyor increasingly more challenging. Our crews meet this task with experience and confidence.


The contractors we work with particularly enjoy our crew's ability to catch design challenges before construction occurs. Teamwork between contractor, surveyor, and owner helps to save everybody time, and we all know what time equals. Communication is one of the best tools in our equipment box.

Teamwork is key on all construction jobs. Our crew can calculate any part of a construction job on site. If the contractor needs it, we can provide it. No running back to the office to have someone calculate a couple points. It is right there on-site when you need it. Even in this day and age of technology, with data collectors, total stations, and laptops, there is nothing that can replace an experienced field crew.


Our surveyors are equipped with the best tools in the industry.  Trimble and Spectra Precision Total stations (all with robotic capability), Topcon GPS equipment w/ Washington State Reference Network capability, and their knowledge of how to use this equipment are all instrumental to the successful completion of a project.  The most important tool in our inventory is our professionally trained surveyors.  They know how to get the job done even if the batteries die.  In this day of technology, it still comes down to the trained person pushing the button and knowing why they are pushing the button.


Experience, Communication, and teamwork - think ASPI for your next construction project.