There are a number of reasons you'll want to consider consulting a Professional Land Surveyor...

Boundary Line Adjustment / B.L.A.

Do you and your neighbor need to adjust property lines? A Boundary Line Adjustment is what you need.

Boundary Line Agreement

Do and your neighbor have an existing fence that doesn't match your legal descriptions? Do you and your neighbor both have a claim to the fence? A Boundary Line Agreement can ensure a fairly simple resolution to future boundary issues.


Are you planning on building? A house, garage, commercial building, and almost all construction projects require a topographic site plan. Planning is made easy with an accurate site plan.


Easements can be created and granted for many reasons: utilities, access, landscaping, view protection, among others.  Always consult a land surveyor or land use attorney or both.

Environmental Issues

A topographic survey can show steep slope areas, identify wetlands, and locate significant trees, among many other environmental features.

Flood Elevation

The potential for flooding can be a concern for many properties in Western Washington.  Establishing that your property is NOT threatened by a future flood event can give you significant savings on your property insurance.  Thus, a professional flood elevation certificate can pay for itself many times over.

Short Plat

Do you own property that is acreage or has a large yard?  Have your neighbors subdivided or is there a development being built in your neighborhood? Your property may have the potential for a short plat, which would allow you to sell it.

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