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Do you need to have the property surveyed in order to sell it?

Unless you are 100% positive where your property boundaries are, you should consider having the property surveyed. With corners set and identified, there can be no confusion as to what is being sold. Be certain to have the work done by a licensed professional land surveyor.

What does a land survey cost?

There are many variables that determine the cost of a land survey. If you provide a legal description, we can provide you with an estimate. 

What is a "Record of Survey" and is it required?

A "Record of Survey" (ROS) is a map describing to the world where the land surveyor set your corners and is recorded at the county auditor’s office. The ROS typically details enough information for another surveyor to retrace the original surveyor and to reset the property corners.

An ROS is required by state law for just about all property surveys. A property that has been previously surveyed, corners set, and a "Record of Survey", short plat or plat recorded, however, is exempt from this requirement, unless the re-survey finds encroachments, i.e. fences, buildings or other signs of ownership from an adjoining land owner.

Why do I have three different survey markers at the same property corner?

Land surveying is not an exact science. Many boundaries are subject to interpretation. Each land survey requires research, both physical and of survey records. Once the surveyor is satisfied with the research, the field work is started. It comes down to acceptance. Differences in measurement coupled with alternative interpretation of the written record lead to different property corner location. Land surveying, like all professions, has its "Good" and its "Not so good" representatives.

What do I look for when hiring a surveyor?

Absolute first criteria is that the surveyor be licensed by the state and be in good standing. Visit the department of licensing for more information on the status of your surveyor. Does the licensed surveyor prepare the calculations? Try to locate a surveyor that has done work in your neighborhood. Ask the surveyor for three references. Check the quality of their surveys recorded with the county auditor, recorder’s office.


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