Access Easement
Area of neighboring property used to access another property. Not typically counted for lot square footage

A.L.T.A. Survey
The American Land Title Association requirements that provides everything in regards to the property (easements, utilities, encroachments, etc... Typically associated with commercial loans

Boundary line adjustment used to adjust boundary between neighboring properties

A single real property parcel with all the unit owners having a right in common to use the common elements with separate ownership confined to the individual units which are serially designated.

Lot Survey
Survey to set property boundaries

Minor portion of lot typically 20 feet not usually counted towards lot square footage

Planned Residential Development=smaller lots, but provide open space and community park.(urban area)

Professional land surveyor
An individual licensed by the state to practice the profession of land surveying

Rural Cluster Subdivision
Smaller lots, but provide large open space (rural area)

Short Subdivision/Short Plat
Segregation of land into smaller parcels typically 4 lots or less (there are some exceptions)

Subdivision/Formal Plat/Plat
Segregation of land into smaller parcels typically 5 lots or more

Topographic Survey
Land Survey for the purpose of preparing a map depicting physical features, structures, utilities, slope, fences, etc...

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